Jestem, jaki jestem... I tak się nie zmienię!!!

Temat: International support
Bandit - first things first - Russia is spelled with capital letter... Secondly, translating for Russia? wtf R U talkin' about? To your information - in Russia, national language in Russian... not English x D So you translate it for English-speaking cultures/societies, no matter whether it is in Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria or Timbaktu. And a word about Russians - they're the best coders/hackers on the world... I see what they can do with mobile phones... I use programs and patches created by Russian coders... they're really smart... and just to say. if you had an English version of Konnekt, with many protocols supported, there is a little (yet so big) chance that foreign coders would be interested in developing the project and inventing new methods of improving it.
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