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Temat: Spawarka Inverter REHM - TIGER 210 DC [Sprzedam]
...do uzgodnienia) Specyfikacja: Several characteristics: TIG welding equipment (DC) digital technology to reverse. This equipment allows initiation of the arc by HF, storage of programs (99), pulsed current and the control of all parameters involved in the process of welding by a single button with display type. Machine-friendly parameterization well protected against dust and shock. Possibility of remote control integrated into the TIG torch. Welding electrode, anti-bonding system hot-start, arc force, protect against peak current. APPLICATIONS: * Solder Maintenance & Repair. * Work in outdoor welding, assembly. * Work in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze and technical characteristics: * Range of regulation: A 5 - 210 * Factor / march 100% 175 * Power (50/60 Hz): V 1 x Class 230 * / 23 * IP Protection Dimensions: 340 mm X 150 X 215 * Weight: 6.5 Kg * System ELSA: Electronic Stabilised Arc...
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